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Tiffany's Identity

Elevating 1000 Female

– A Marketplace for Women by Women

– The Center for Female Entrepreneurship

– Mentorship Network

The Manifestation of the Daughters of God

Tiffany's mission

The Caribbean is a cultural melting pot of art, music, literature, and culinary experiences. As Caribbean women, we are on a mission to bring together women of various cultures and backgrounds to create a global movement of strong, unique, and empowered women who can embrace these qualities within themselves. We aim to remind our sisters that there is beauty in authenticity and individuality and that women are altogether beautiful. Every woman can paint their own reality, step out of the shadows, and into the spotlight that is their inheritance.


Who is Tiffany? Tiffany is the beauty, potential, power, and limitless opportunity that lies within the depths of each woman’s being. The black, mystic void represents a mirror that any woman can peer into and see herself. It leaves a sense of brilliance waiting to be unbridled as you step into the notion that you are in fact a powerful woman worthy of being painted. In addition, the lack of features allows women of any race or background to look inside and remember that all women are uniquely beautiful. 


Experience the epiphany that is Tiffany. Who is Tiffany? All women are.

Tiffany’s Identity NFT

Our BBY Genesis collection of 7777 NFTs entitled “Tiffany’s Identity” will be released in April, 2023.

Tiffany Identity owners are contributors to our shared mission, which comes with many benefits.

Holders also support Tiffany’s charities such as A21. A21 fights against human trafficking & sex slavery of females around the world. See more Tiffany Charities below…

Value & Utility of Tiffany ownership:

  • Ownership of digital NFT and its Intellectual Property (IP) rights
  • Receive a Physical Art Print of your NFT (shipped to your address)
  • Exclusive access to your NFT 4k x 4k file
  • Mint access for future BBY NFT collections
  • Special Raffles (*see below)
  • A free airdrop of the BBY Conference NFT, a tradable NFT for the Best Beautiful You Conference 2023
  • A one (1) year subscription to BBYTV

Special Holder's Raffle

A Giant physical canvas of a Tiffany piece valued at over $2000US (only 10 available)

A Custom Air Force 1 Women’s Sneakers to bring out the Tiffany in you (only 10 available)

A Rolex Women’s Watch (only 1 available)

The Best Beautiful You Conference 2023

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

  • Empowering women in business & leadership
  • Ignite your passion with #BBY fuel
  • Overcome insecurities and fears
  • Actionable strategies for success and wealth creation

Elizabeth Guarino
Forbes Business Council
International Award Winning Author


Brian J. Esposito
Top 10 World CEOs 2020
Co-Founder of Bapesclan


Onikka Narine
Conference Speaker


Dr. Winzy Adams
Founder, Advanced Learning
Conference Speaker

Kelly Ann Collins
& Web3 Specialist

Shelley Zalis
CEO, The Female Quotient



Beauty, Identity, Uniqueness

About Artist
About Renée

About Artist

Renée is a 21 year old Caribbean artist that has recently been engrossed into the digital art and NFT space. She has been recognized in national competitions and exhibitions for her style, neatness and design. Before creating digitally, she aimed to create enthralling art that portrayed positivity and luminosity on each canvas. The mission of transitioning from traditional to digital art remains unchanged as she aims for each person to experience the joy she has poured into each piece as her work travels to borders worldwide, inspiring each person internationally, to be the BEST BEAUTIFUL YOU.

Chosen Tiffany's Charities

Chosen Tiffany's Charities

End Modern-Day Slavery, Freeing Women from Human Trafficking

Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead.

We build pathways for young women of color to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders and creators by introducing them to skills in computer programming and technology.

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Artist & Designer

Darrion Hamilton

CEO of Juice Spaces

Brian J. Esposito

Chief Strategy Officer

Celeste Ferreira

Project Lead

Jada Wilford

Discord Champion

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Chief People Officer

Xielle Bertrand

Chief Storyteller

Kristin Narine

Tiktok & Instagram Creative

Jordan Daniell

Official Mountain Mover

Carolyn Lewis

BBY Chief Strategy Officer

Shinelle Archbald

Instagram Marketing

Sabita Ramcharan

Community Leader


Tiffany's Identity is an NFT project focused on uplifting women around the world and is in NO WAY associated or affiliated with the brand or company Tiffany & Co.

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